Skins Series-3 400 Long Sleeve Top

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This garment focuses on providing support in the forearm, bicep and shoulders. By increasing the pressure and wrapping these areas, the garment provides a strong foundation for the body to perform dynamically.

The long sleeve top assists the flushing of the muscles during activity, reducing the negative effects of lactic acid and promoting the increase flow of blood delivering more oxygen to active muscles. More oxygen means more power.

The compression also dampens and reduces muscle vibration from activity which can accelerate enery loss. Less muscle oscillation from vibration means the muscle is performing consistently and not eccentrically, causing energy loss to the athlete.

This garment also acts as a external structure over working limbs to assist in the motor mechanics of the body. The more tired an athlete gets, the higher the chance of injury as the movements break down. The compression helps maintain the efficient body movements of the athlete, for longer.

Mesh venting down the spine allows for optimal temperature regulation when you are working hard.


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