Skins A400 Long Tight

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* SKINS A400 Men's Long Tights are constructed using five different technical fabrics and 24 individual panels.  
* These panels follow the natural lines of your muscles and tendons with the seams placed to act as anchor points, offering focused support and stability to major muscle groups. 
* Are you a keen runner? We've added 360 degree reflectivity to make sure you're seen during those early morning or late evening runs. How? By integrating premium reflective glass bead technology to make them come alive in low light.
* Perform better and recover faster with SKINS’ innovative technology.
* Our Dynamic Gradient Compression technology increases circulation to deliver more oxygen o your working muscles. 
* The biomechanically-placed 70D Memory MX fabric around the knee allows for maximum natural movement without force and optimal support over the delicate Achilles restriction while the balanced 4-way stretch properties applies minimal tendon.
* The 210D Memory MX fabric over your ITB & TFL muscle groups reduces pressure whilst ensuring natural function to reduce the risk of injury.
* Our A400 Men's Long Tights also feature A-Seams, which are up to 30% stronger than standard stitching making them even more durable than before.
* To top it off we’ve included ADAPTIVE Technology for temperature control and moisture management.
* When it’s cool, the unique polymer binds moisture in to keep you feeling warm.
* Then when you heat up it releases stored moisture to the surface where it can evaporate, helping your body cool down.
* Controlled pressure over the Achilles tendon, ITB and TFL muscle groups
* ADAPTIVE Technology keeps you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot
* A-Seams for comfort and durability without chafing
* 360 degree reflectivity
* Bonded hems for comfort
* Easily accessible waistband pocket
* Wider waistband and shaped crotch for comfort

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